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Original keys

Original keys

On March 21, 1969 when my brother was 24 and I was 18 he put down $30 toward the $2,000 purchase price of this car from a lawyer in Island Lake. Mr G. used the car in gymkhana events and had traded up to a Porsche. The car odometer had over 45k and now has 50K after being on blocks for decades. No one recalls when my brother stopped driving it.

I suspect this is the original key pouch given to Mr G. when he purchased the car. Certainly, the original keys were stored in ths pouch and I doubt very much that my brother would have purchased it.

The abarth story.  Our grandparents lived at the edge of the city in Woodstock with a long steep gravel t-shaped driveway used to turn the car around before entering the street.   A common setup that we had used many times, but never with the TR4A.  By this point you have prorbably guessed what happened, but yes he scraped the Abarth badly in the driveway telling me that he had just sealed the fate of the exhaust system.   So I found an original to replace it.  The plan is to clean it up and give it a ceramic paint job to protect it.   I would like to find a way to remove the decals for safe keepng.  Yes it will be loud, but that is how I remember it.


Test engine text.

I did locate a replacement for the exhaust system. Here you can see it is still wrapped in some of the original packing material.

The dashboard needs cleaning. The odometer reads 50,137 miles with the trip at 83 miles.

About the Restore

The image is a picture of the Girling brake fluid reservoir. Restoration Guidelines: Try to preserve originality (as purchased by my brother) where possible.  Provide any future owner with a history. Keep a blog record of what has been done by whom, B4/After and parts used. Do what needs to be done so there will […]

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The purpose of this site is to record the history and restoration of this car. But this post is about the website itself. The is forwarded to this site while I develop the content and figure out what I need to do. At this point the site works best on my iPad with Safari […]